Friday, September 28, 2012

CBD - COP 11 Mega Poster

Why a Mega Poster Celebration?
The United Nations Decade on Biodiversity 2011-2020 provides an opportunity to contribute towards higher awareness about biodiversity and its importance to Human Wellbeing. The Decade will be as well a vehicle to support and promote implementation of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets. The COP 11 Mega Poster Celebration Event represents an opportunity to showcase and distinguish work conducted by international and local bodies towards meeting those global objectives while prioritizing the role of biodiversity within sustainable development.


 COP 11 is approaching fast. The Biodiversity for Development Initiative would like to invite you to attend and discover the Mega Poster Celebration. This special event will involve the display of posters depicting the work of cooperation agencies as well as multilateral organisations, development banks and other local governments and NGOs. At Hyderabad 20 posters developed by close to 30 individual or joint participants will provide an overview of biodiversity strategies, and related development and poverty reduction work.

Be Heard

Posters will be displayed the first week of COP 11 at gallery level 1. Each poster will be designed to allow for a participative space where you as a COP 11 attendee will have an opportunity to interact with participating organisations. You will have the chance to communicate directly with participating organisations through twitter or post-its notes. Your questions and suggestions about biodiversity and sustainable development will be placed on posters and visible on large screens for broader impact and interactions.  

Specially made stickers will be distributed to each person to vote for their most inspiring Mega poster. Stickers are limited, but their impact can make a difference. Choose your most appealing poster and vote.
After a week of interactions and on the 16th of October, a high level event will take place in the presence of special guests who will award participating bodies two types of prizes; The “COP 11 Public Choice Award” and the “COP 11 Jury Choice Award”. Invitations will be sent soon so that representatives from organisation can come and celebrate global efforts towards meeting our common Aichi Targets and sustainable development goals.
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